Tia Oros Peters

Chief Executive Officer

Tia Oros Peters (Zuni), has been active in community organizing, advocacy, and
nonprofit development for over three decades. She is CEO of the Seventh
Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples, which supports community-generated
cultural revitalization, movement building, and Re-Indigenization strategies.

Tia is a recognized expert on the protection of Water as a sacred element for
Indigenous Peoples’ cultural and spiritual sustainability, and on the UN
Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as a standard setting tool for
Native Peoples’ organizing, empowerment, and self-determination. Through her
water advocacy at the United Nations and national and regional organizing she
coined and defined the term “Aquacide” to describe the killing of the waters
around the globe.

A member of Neighborhood Funder’s Group and Aspen Institute’s Philanthropy
Forward 2019-2020 cohort focused on grassroots power building for social
justice, Tia serves on the boards of directors of Proteus Fund; Tools and Tiaras;
Grantmakers for Girls of Color Advisory Committee, and as President of Red
Deer Center for Indigenous Thinking, Creating, and Being. Tia is also known as
Méešaatsęhë’e – a name given by Chief Phillip Whiteman of the Northern
Cheyenne Nation. She earned a BA in Law & Society and an MFA in Creative

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