Thriving Women's Intitiative

The Thriving Women’s Initiative supports Native women led work that nurtures life, breaks down gender oppression, responds to and prevents violence, and recognizes that reproductive health is connected with the vitality of Mother Earth.
Thriving Women's Initiative

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples’ requests proposals for Thriving Women’s Initiative for projects that nurture and support the health and vitality of Indigenous women, girls, and families. Applications should include work that support: traditional birthing and midwifery practices; restoring traditional herbal medicines; cultural food systems; revitalizing intergenerational wisdom exchanges; coming of age ceremonies; and Native women generated approaches to empowerment, healing and traditional practices. Responses and remedies to the violation of inherent power of Indigenous women from sexualized violence are highly encouraged. Thriving Women’s Initiative explores work that builds the identity and expresses the deep rooted strength of Indigenous women. Please refer to our website for the general grant making guidelines.

Grant Range: $1,000 to $10,000
Proposals Due: Postmarked by Friday April 7th, 2017
Mail to:
     Seventh Generation Fund
     ATTN: Thriving Women’s Initiative
     P.O. Box 4569
     Arcata, CA 95518 USA
Organizations that wish to apply must adhere to the following:
  • Be a non-profit organization with 501(3)(c) tax-exemption status. Communitybased projects that do not have non-profit status are welcome to contact SGF regarding Affiliate Program /Fiscal Administration for consideration to our Affiliate Program.
  • Engagement, Leadership & Decision-making – 80% or more Indigenous Board of Directors, with majority Indigenous women, and an Indigenous Executive Director.
  • Emerge directly from the community and are led by the Indigenous Peoples impacted by the project.
  • Be in good standing with Seventh Generation Fund.
If you have any questions, please contact Shenae Bishop, Program Associate for Thriving Women’s Initiative, directly at (707) 825-7640 or at
Program Pathways

The Seventh Generation Fund’s general grant-making programs support projects engaged in community empowerment and organizing endeavors, issue advocacy, cultural revitalization, strengthening Indigenous knowledge and practices, and Native leadership development, in the following program pathways:

  • Art & Creativity - Enhancing tribal identity and cultural vitality through individual and collective creative expression and practices.
  • Health & Well-being - Achieving physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through traditional healing practices, cultural engagement, and food security.
  • Leadership Development - Strengthening Native leadership strategies by building the skills and knowledge systems that fortify organizational and community-centered work.
  • Peace, Equity & Justice - Securing harmony and parity for and within Native communities and nations and the right of self-determination.
  • Rights of Mother Earth - Protecting Earth’s natural systems and ability to nurture and sustain life by supporting Native stewardship practices and traditional ecological knowledge.
  • Sustainable Communities & Economies - Developing culturally relevant and ecologically sustainable Native community assets.

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