Seventh Generation Fund offers comprehensive support to Native Community Projects throughout North, Central and South America and Hawai’i.

Grantmaking top ↑

We assist grassroots Native organizations and community projects accomplish their work by providing small grants. Please see our Grants Information for complete guidelines for submitting a proposal to the Seventh Generation Fund.

Affiliate Program top ↑

Affiliates are Native community organizations who the Seventh Generation Fund serves as a fiscal sponsor. Becoming an Affiliate allows a group to operate as a registered nonprofit and direct its efforts towards accomplishing its goals and objectives while we assist with administration, technical training, fiscal management, program oversight and organizational development. Please see the Affiliate Program for list of current Affiliates and to learn more about our Affiliate program.

Training and Technical Support top ↑

Providing training and technological support has always been a core component of Seventh Generation Fund’s overall work plan. We believe that offering a wide variety of services is key to successfully organizing and sustaining our programs. We conducts trainings, develops media projects and helps build the projects’ capacity to carry out the work needed in their community. Please visit our Media Center for images and sounds of community projects.

Workshops and Conferences top ↑

We sponsor workshops and conferences during the year to address issues such as program planning, conflict resolution, group dynamics, grant writing, sustainable agricultural practices and financial management. Native and non-Native community members are encouraged to actively participate in our workshops and talk with each other in open discussions.

Seventh Generation Fund also provides a variety of services at our Keeping the Homefires Burning gatherings; affiliate training workshops, onsite visits, consultations, regional training forums, youth camps and training sessions related to specific projects or issues. We often design workshops in response to requests from our affiliates and projects. We provide training materials that are created especially for the workshops and also make available detailed reports about the events.

Sponsorships top ↑

We also help members of tribal communities attend the annual Permanent Forum for Indigenous Peoples at the United Nations and other Native gatherings throughout the United States. We have found that sponsoring attendance at national and international meetings helps our grantees create new alliances and sustain existing collaborations.

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