Program Areas

Seventh Generation Fund supports Native communities whose goals and objectives closely match one of our program areas. Learn more about our granting in the Grant-making Guidelines section.

Arts and Cultural Expression

This program provides support to grassroots Native communities and cultural arts organizations. We encourage holistic community health and cultural renewal efforts by using traditional and contemporary art forms to express cultural diversity.

Environmental Health & Justice

We provide small grants and technical assistance to Indigenous peoples involved in frontline grassroots action, advocacy for environmental and social justice and community organizing. Projects include support for groups impacted by invasive or extractive industries or by companies or practices that pollute or deplete natural resources.

Human Rights

SGF supports the creation and continuation of strategic alliances between Indigenous Peoples to empower them to participate in all forms and levels of human rights advocacy.

Intergenerational Leadership Initiative

Native youth, elders and cultural leaders engaged in community organizing work for cultural health, environmental justice and social equity are the core component of this program. We promote training in leadership and pride in cultural heritage for generations yet to come.

Sustainable Communities

SGF provides seed money, organizational support and technical training to Native grassroots community-based projects striving for holistic community health and renewal. We support traditional agricultural methods, renewable forms of energy and sustainable strategies for development that preserve or restore traditional life-ways for future generations. (Click here for more information on our California Traditional Healing Program)

Women’s Leadership

SGF advocates and protects the sacred role of women as leaders in Native communities.

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