How to Apply for a Grant

Please be sure to review our Grant Making Guidelines and Program Areas before applying for a grant.

Seventh Generation Fund is an Indigenous identity-based organization dedicated to the self-determination of Native Peoples and the sovereignty of our distinct Nations that mobilizes financial, technical, and informational resources directly to Native communities to empower action.

To apply for grant support, please review our Grant Making Guidelines:

  1. GRANT MAKING GUIDELINES (including cover page)

PROPOSAL NARRATIVE in 6 pages or less, that includes:

  • A brief description of your organizational background/history and mission statement.
  • Needs statement that describes the critical concern or issue(s) that your project is addressing. Make sure to define the project’s Native constituency/community. You may include demographic information or credible statistics from and about the community such as census information and other pertinent data related to the issue your project is addressing.
  • Program description stating what your organization/project is planning to do in response to the needs or issues in the community. This section should include a brief statement on how the grant funds will be used by the project.
  • List of objectives that are related to and built from the needs statement and describes what will be achieved, produced, or changed and include measurable benchmarks and outcomes.
  • Activities directly relating to the objectives and describe in detail the process by which each objective (and overall work) will be accomplished.
  • Timeline. This section provides a clear and realistic picture of how your project will proceed according to a certain timeframe, such as chronologically by month or quarter. It should have a sequentially organized schedule for each activity.
  • How the community is directly participating in and engaged with the proposed work.
  • Budget showing the annual operating costs of your organization within a specific timeframe (such as fiscal year or program year). If you are requesting project specific support, a project budget should be included that clearly itemizes project costs.
  • Include all items on the Application Checklist.

We do not fund: Individuals, loans, scholarships, personal travel, government institutions, endowment campaigns, litigation, attorney fees or court costs, annual contribution drives, religious conversion, missionary-related work, or non-Indigenous entities or institutions.

Proposal Deadlines: (Postmarked)
April 1, 2015

Send your complete proposal package to:
Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development
Attn: Proposal Review Committee
P.O. Box 4569
Arcata, California 95518  USA

Or by email to:  (Indicate Proposal in the subject line)

PLEASE NOTE: Expect 8-10 weeks from the three deadline dates for the results of the proposal review to be announced. Please select an appropriate deadline date that will allow for enough time if your project is selected.  Example: Your community is organizing a series of traditional language classes that will begin in the first part of July. You will need to submit your application at the February 1 deadline.  Results will be announced in April, and if funded, upon return of all necessary paperwork, your project will receive the grant award by the beginning of May.

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