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Arts and Cultural Expressiontop

Barbareno Chumash Language Program CA (Chumash)
An ongoing project with the purpose of reawakening the Chumash Language in the Barbareno Chumash tribal/cultural community.

Blackfeet Elder and Youth Language Project MT (Blackfeet)
Working to preserve the ancient stories, history, culture/ceremonies, language, songs and traditional games of the Blackfeet People.

Coyote’s Paw CA Hoopa, (Yurok)
Creating economic development tools by offering workshops and mentoring members within the Native community traditional art forms.

Crows on the Nose CA (California Tribes)
An organization working with traditional California Basket weavers to provide Indian children in foster care, traditionally woven baby baskets to promote holistic wellness, mental development and alertness.

Idiwanan An Chawe NM (Zuni)
A Zuni language theater that creates and performs traditional stories, songs and oral traditions.

Institute of Native Knowledge CA (Karuk & North-western California tribes) A Native run and directed arts and cultural organization working with incarcerated Native youth.

Ka'ala Farms, Inc. : Hawaiian Kapa HI (Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian))
Native organization whose mission is "to reclaim and preserve the living culture of the Po'Kahiko (people of old) in order to strengthen the kinship relationships between the 'aina (land which nourishes) and all forms of life necessary to sustain the balance of these vulnerable islands.

Kawaiisu Language Project CA (Kawaiisu)
Revitalizing and reviving the Kawaiisu culture and tradition through documentation of language, songs, ancient knowledge of location of sacred sites, survival skills and oral history.

Kumeyaay/Kumiai Basketweaver Project CA (Kumeyaay/Kumiai)
and other So. Cal tribes Building a collaboration of Kumeyaay/Kumiai communites to re-establish and revive basketweaving techniques of Southern California & Northern Mexico.

Maidu Digitization Project CA (Maidu)
Digitizing cassette tapes of Maidu ceremonial and social songs as well as interviews with tribal members discussing oral traditions and language phrases.

Native Arts Cultural Collective CA (Pitt River, Wintu, Relocated)
A month long Native art exhibition featuring traditional and modern art forms, an art workshop series and other events including poetry readings and film screenings.

Northwest Native American Basketweavers Association WA (Tribes of WA, OR, ID, MT and BC)
To preserve, promote and perpetuate the traditional and contemporary art of Northwest Native American basketry. Weaving the traditions and culture from the past with the present.

NVision CO Pawnee/ OK Tribes
Supporting the development of Native leadership and expressions of media, art, and culture that give a voice to past, present, and future experiences and struggles of Native peoples and that contribute to positive initiatives rooted in the values and needs of Native communities.

One With Creation Center WA (Swinomish)
One With Creation Retreat Center is a non-profit organization, which utilizes Coast Salish cultural hospitality, respect, and honor to address issues and concerns that are central to inter-personal relations between Native people, families, and communities. The Center provides information and consultation to Coast Salish people and Indigenous nations who are working to protect their lands, resources, human rights, environment and cultural heritage.

Paiute Language Preservation Project NV (Paiute)
Maintaining and restoring Numu (Paiute) culture and traditional lifeways through song, story and language.

Tusweca Tiospaye SD (Oglala Sioux)
Working to unite all 35 Lakota, Dakota, Nakota (3 dialects of the Sioux language) reservations and reserves for a Language Summit in a collective and committed effort to save the endangered languages.

Yurok Elder Wisdom Project CA (Yurok)
Committed to preserving the traditional Yurok language and culture with a long term view of providing educational tools to preserve and maintain the traditional ways of life.

Environmental Health and Justice top ↑

Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Sites CA (Pitt River, Wintu and other Nor Cal. Tribes)
Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Sites are committed to past, present, and future generations in promoting, preserving, protecting, providing and restoring the traditional, cultural and spiritual values as they relate to Earth and all Sacred Places.

Aligning for Responsible Mining NE (Oglala Sioux)
Protecting community members and the environment from unclean uranium mining practices.

Ah Mut Pipa CA (Quechan)
Ah-Mut Pipa Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Quechan language and culture. Their mission is to educate the non-Native and Native public on Quechan traditional culture and their history and art.

Baboquivari Defense Project AZ (Tohono O’odham)
Seeking the Protection and preservation of sacred lands of the O'odham People.

California Indian Alliance for the Environment CA (Pomo, Maidu & Pit River)
An organization working for the cleanup of mining toxins in California.

Climate Change Conference MT (Blackfeet and other Tribes)
Planning and coordinating Indigenous Climate Change Conference.

Dine' Water (Navajo Waters)
AZ (Navajo) Dine' organization working to accumulate vital information to create awareness, educate each other, make informed decisions and implement sustainable water strategies regarding the future of our Navajo/Hopi communities.

Native American Land Conservancy: Lifeways and Landforms CA (Chemehuevi, Cahuilla and Serrano)
An organization whose mission is to acquire, preserve, protect Native American sacred lands.

Owe Aku, Bring Back the Way SD (Oglala Lakota)
Owe Aku approaches all activities with the purpose of revitalization and preservation of the Oglala Lakota way of life in working with young generations; Tiwahe and Tiospaye systems of the Oglala Band of the Lakota Nation. These systems help guide the youth to continue a healthy lifestyle and to develop leadership skills and to have respect for the natural environment for the coming generations.

Peace and Dignity Journeys AZ (Multi-Tribal)
An intercontinental run, unifying the Indigenous Peoples of North and South Americas.

SAGE Council NM (Pueblo and Navajo)
An organizing body seeking the protection of sacred sites, access to clean water and rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Tsi-Akim Maidu CA (Tsi-Akim Maidu)
Conducting events and culturally supportive activities which raises awareness of issues surrounding Salmon including tribal sovereignty rights and toxic mercury education.

United Coalition to Protect Panhe CA (Acjachemen)
Protecting sacred sites, burial grounds and the traditional Acjachemen village sites.

Western Shoshone Defense Project NV (Shoshone)
Affirming Newe jurisdiction over Newe Sogobia by protecting, preserving, and restoring Newe rights and lands for present and future generations based on cultural and spiritual traditions.

Wind River Alliance WY (Northern Arapaho/ Eastern Shoshone)
Wind River Alliance focuses on empowering, educating and advocating for a community that has traditionally had little voice in the decisions affecting it. Our work addresses the inequality, discrimination, and oppression that are the root causes of many of the environmental problems on the Wind River watershed. Water is the lifeblood of our community by protecting the watershed we are ensuring a safer and habitable place for our future.

Human Rights top ↑

Academia Semillas del Pueblo Xinaxcalmecac CA (Nahuatl)
Creating holistic educational opportunities to transcend the barriers imposed by dominant society in order to strengthen the use of Native languages, promote holistic parenting and strengthen the overall cultural health of the community.

Alianza Indigena Sin Fronteras & Yoeme Commission on Human Rights AZ (Yoeme, O'odham & other Sonoran Peoples)
An Indigenous Human/ Civil rights advocacy community organizing group that is building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous organizations throughout the U.S. to bring attention to the civil/human rights and self-determination issues in the SW region and that is seeking to promote social change.

American Indian Law Alliance NY (Onondaga & other Indigenous Peoples)
Working with Indigenous nations, communities and organizations in their struggle for sovereignty, human rights, and social justice.

Andes Chinchasuyo Ecuador (Otovalo)
Andes Chinchasuyo seeks to address human rights issues throughout the 21 provinces of Ecuador for its Indigenous people. They are also working on community organizing and the education and advocacy of women and children.

Grupo Maya Qusamej Junan CA (Mayan Community)
Revitalizing the Maya culture, fostering cultural and spiritual pride among the Mayan youth, adults and elders, developing leadership among Mayan communities, supporting self-determination, self-development and Indigenous rights of Mayan people in their homelands, and promoting spiritual healing for war survivors.

Mainyoito Pastoralist Integrated Development Organization (MPIDO)
Kenya (Maasai) An organization whose mission is to promote, facilitate, and create an enabling environment for securing human rights including natural resources rights for sustainable livelihoods among the pastoralist Maasai Society.

Tonatierra AZ (Nahuatl)
Tonatierra serves with a spiritual foundation for the collective political action necessary at the International level. Their strategy is to realize linkages between the grassroots environmental justice movement, and the global action oriented agenda of the UN Second Decade of the Indigenous Peoples.

Intergenerational Leadership top ↑

American Indian Institute: Traditional Circle of Indian Elders and Youth MT (Crow and other tribes)
Conducting the annual Elders and Youth Council where traditional knowledge is shared between generations to help youth learn about alternative paths to pursue their lives and achieve higher levels of self-esteem within their families and communities.

Ammteijan Ippaachi (Strong Woman) CA (Pit River and Wintu)
Working with young women help them learn Traditional Healing techniques and philosophies.

Boys and Girls Club of the Northern Cheyenne Nation MT (Northern Cheyenne)
Inspiring and enabling the youth in the realization of their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring future leaders, while preserving their cultural identity as Indigenous People.

Healing of Nations KY (Blackfeet)
Addressing the high incidence of suicide among Native American youth through the development of culturally relevant models for suicide prevention, community-based crisis intervention teams, provision of suicide prevention information and education, and by conducting on-site “art and the healing process” workshops.

Journey to Fast (CA Pitt River, Wintun, Maidu, Yana)
Ensuring that Indigenous lifeways are sustained through learning and re-learning old teachings.

Native Children's Survival NM (Ojibwe & other Indigenous Peoples)
A campaign to create awareness about the critical need to permanently protect our last remaining wild places and bridge the gap between Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and the Environment.

Native Youth Coalition OK, CA, NV, AZ, (Multi-tribal)
Organization comprised of youth from several Native communities using digital media to train and empower youth to preserve their culture and prepare them for leadership.

Seeds of Harmony NM & AZ (Dine')
Enhancing our way of life by fostering respect and appreciation for natural and cultural resources among young people, elders, and tribal communities in the Southwest region.

Summer Policy Academy at the Santa Fe Indian School NM (New Mexico Tribes)
Providing training to Native Youth of New Mexico Indian Tribes on practical Indigenous world view-based leadership skills.

Sustainable Communities top ↑

C.R.I.H.B. Traditional Indian Health Gathering CA (California Tribes)
Bringing Traditional Native Californian Healing Dancers the Traditional Indian Health Gathering.

Dine Agriculture Inc. NM (Navajo)
Promoting the agricultural practices of the Navajo people.

Gedakina VT (Wabanaki & Mohawk)
The primary goal of Gedakina is to bring traditional Eastern First Nations people together to strengthen our organizational infrastructure, and to conduct educational programs for Eastern First Nations youth and the general public.

Hays Youth Native Enrichment Program MT (Gros Ventre/ Assiniboine)
The Hays Youth Recreation/ Education Center strives to foster community-based programs that promote Native family values and positive healthy relations among the Hays community and its members. The Native Enrichment Program consists of community-based workshops, activities and educational studies to further instruct Native individuals to prosper in self-reliance.

Helping Our Mother CA (California Tribes)
Assisting Native California communities, statewide, conduct cultural activities that protect culturally and ecologically sensitive areas, promote cultural awareness and strengthen community cohesiveness.

Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture AZ (Hopi Nation)
Hopi Tutskwa Permaculture is designed to create opportunities for local Indigenous youth to participate in the continuation of traditional farming and gardening practices.

Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism NV (Multi-tribal)
The IPCB provides leadership and resources to Indigenous peoples concerned about the potential negative impact of genetic technologies in their lives. IPCB's primary focus is to develop resources, information and tools to help indigenous peoples address these issues from their own cultural perspectives and on their own terms.

Indigenous Permaculture Program, Resurgence: Restoring Whole Communities
SD & El Salvador Oglala Sioux & Nahuat Revitalizing Native and local communities through Indigenous science, land stewardship, sustainable agriculture, community food security and sustainable development.

Indigenous Network on Economies & Trade BC (Shuswap, Nuxalk, Anishinabe, Cree)
Supporting Indigenous peoples to ensure protection of land rights, proprietary interests & economies by community organizing efforts to implement multi-lateral environmental and International human rights.

Indigenous Youth Coalition of Pinon AZ (Dine')
Giving Native youth a positive outlet while dealing with the many challenges/ struggles they encounter in the community and in society outside of the Navajo reservation.

Kumeyaay Plant Knowledge Apprenticeship CA (Kumeyaay, Luiseno)
Passing on Indigenous traditional knowledge of plants and language.

Maya Vision CA (Kiche, Maam, Kanjobal)
Reaffirming cultural identity, strengthening our members’ skills and capacity, and building collective wellbeing within our struggling urban Mayan community with programs and services.

Mvskoke Food Sovereignty Initiative OK (Mvskoke, Yuchi, Seminole, Cherokee, Choctaw)
Enabling the Mvskoke, Yuchi, Seminole, Cherokee, and Choctaw peoples to provide for their food and health needs through sustainable agriculture, economic development, community involvement, cultural and educational programs.

Native Community Action NV (Shoshone/ Paiute)
The Native Community Action Council is a Western Shoshone and Southern Paiute organization working on nuclear issues in the Great Basin.

Native Youth Cultural Exchange AZ, HI, CA (Hopi, Hawaiian, North California)
Building healthy communities by developing youth leaders by immersing youth in culturally centered farming, environmental justice and other sustainable community actives.

Northwest Intertribal Gathering and Elder's Dinner CA (Wiyot, Yurok, Hupa)
Bringing together community tribal elders to share traditional stories, songs and cultural ways with other community members to continue and strengthen cultural ties.

Ne'ayuh CA (Multi-tribal)
A grassroots organization, managing the Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center which serves as a cultural education and gathering place.

Pitt River Ancestral Run CA (Pitt River & other North Eastern CA Tribes)
An annual Ancestral Run retracing the path of the Pitt River Creation Story. The Run promotes health and well being through culturally focused activities, dances and a 110 mile 2 day relay run from Mt. Shasta to Mt. Lassen.

Red Earth Action Project OK (Cherokee, Choctaw, Creek & other SE tribes)
A Native organization utilizing traditional and modern sustainable methods to promote health and cultural vitality in Oklahoma.

Requa Village CA (Yurok)
Perpetuating and nurturing Yurok healing methods through the practicing of Traditional Yurok cultural activities and gatherings.

Roundhouse Council CA (Mountan Maidu, Concow, Dineh)
Supporting the production of documentation of the program, to preserve the wisdom of Elders, and to digitally convert audio tapes and VHS tapes.

Secwepemc Native Youth Movement B.C. Canda (Secwepemc)
Native youth in Canada supporting the Indigenous struggle for sovereignty and land rights. A collective of youth working with Elders, traditional land-users and youth in the Secwepemc community to bring back culture, language and traditional ways for sustainability.

Susanville Indian Rancheria CA (Maidu, Paiute, Pit River, Washoe)
Helping the tribes of the Rancheria in the documentation of oral histories of Tribal Elders in order to use information to prove cultural affiliations to sites containing NAGPRA related items that museums have determined to be "culturally unaffiliated."

Sustainable Nations Development Project CA (Anishinaabeg)
Promoting the sovereignty, environmental health and cultural health of Indigenous Nations through community-based appropriate technology development.

Tatanka Oyate SD (Sicangu Lakota)
Creating awareness for protecting and preserving sacred species in the plains region, an area of special significance to Native cultures.

The Dorothy Ramon Learning Center CA (Morongo & other southern CA Tribes)
To support the development, research, documentation, printing, and distribution focusing on the Southern California Tribal music, specifically on Southern California Bird Songs and stories, and to support the Annual Dragonfly Dinner honoring traditional Bird Singers.

Traditional Native American Farmers Association NM (SW Pueblos)
Offering economic development opportunities for self-sufficiency through sustainable natural and cultural resource development and rebuilding a means for cultural reclamation of damaged eco and social systems and creating a healthy organic food supply.

Weth-Kuel Village CA (Yurok)
Support for the Cultural renewal activities which assists the local Native community both spiritually and psychologically and promotes health and wellness to the Native community.

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