"Empower Your Story"

February 15, 2013

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED  "Empower Your Story" By the Media Dept. at Seventh Generation Fund

This workshop will provide hands-on media training using a variety of easily accessible media devices including iPhones, iPads, video cameras, PC and Mac computers. Participants will learn how to document, edit and post media to the internet as well as promote multimedia messages in social media networks. Hands-on sessions will include basic lighting, interview techniques, audio engineering, video editing and effect use of YouTube, SoundCloud, FaceBook and Twitter to get your media messages out.

This workshop focuses on free software and participants will learn basic step-by-step production processes of iMovie (Mac), Windows Movie Maker (PC), and Audacity (Audio for both Mac and PC). Participants will learn the ins-and-outs of creating PSAs (Public Service Announcements), Organization Overviews, the development of short educational resources (such as language lessons), and event announcements. The goal for the workshop is to help each participant produce and upload a short, high quality media piece using free software.


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